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name of the company :
Head Office :
1937 Uriuchi-cho,Naka-ku,Hamamatsu-shi,Shizuoka
430-0854 Japan 
TEL +81-53-441-7721 FAX +81-53-441-7848
Tokyo branch Office :
SP Bldg , 2-18-6
Ebisu-nishi, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0021 Japan
TEL +81-3-3780-4731 FAX +81-3-3780-4730
Osaka branch Office :
Marueishinmachi Bldg 1F,1-31-6
Shinmachi,Nishi-ku,Osaka-shi,Osaka 550-0013 Japan
TEL +81-6-6534-0590 FAX +81-6-6534-0592
established date :
Februry , 1978
founded date :
April 12 , 1984
capital :
twenty Million ( 20,000,000- ) JPY
executives :
Takahisa Kamiya , Representative Director
Isao Okouchi , Chief Planning Director
Fujio Kamiya , Director
Atsuko Kamiya , Auditor
business contents :
Life Accessary Goods , Fashion Accessary Goods ,
Planning / Producing,
Corporate Products Planning / Producing,
Corporate Sales Promotion, Commercial Designing,
Character Designing & Development,
transacting companies:
Tokyu HANDS ,LOFT ,Takashimaya Dept.,
Isetan Dept.,Sony Plaza , Franc Franc ,
World ,
J-TEX , Shop In , Passport , etc.
transacting banks :
Mizuho Bank, Resona Bank,
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank

Brand & Character site


Group Brand & shop site

HEMING'S tente Pilier étoffe CONCIERGE


○ Feb. 1978
SUPER PLANNING is started as a design office in Kanasashi-cho area of Hamamatsu City
○ Dec. 1978
Office moved to Konya-machi area in the same city, started with three staffs
○ Jan. 1980
Office expanded and moved to Sanarudai in the same city, started with five staffs
○ Apr. 1984
SUPER PLANNING Co., Ltd. set up, at the same time moved to Ebizuka-Cho.
Started to planning and producing original goods, also started the wholesale business.
○ Feb. 1985
Tokyo office opened in Shibuya-ku Daikanyama area
○ Mar. 1987
Head office moved to Uriuchi-Cho in Hamamatsu city. Head office became a planning and delivery control center.
○ Apr. 1987
Tokyo branch moved to Ebisu-Nishi area in Shibuya-ku
○ Feb. 1988
Direct management shop "Students community" opened at Daikanyama area in Shibuya-ku, at the same time increased capital to 10 million Yen.
○ Aug. 1992
Opened a show room at the first floor of Tokyo branch
Life creation goods shop "Concierge" is opened in Hamamatsu City
○ Apr. 1993
SP. Building is built at Ebisu area of Tokyo
○ Jan. 1994
"Daikanyama Mr. Friendly store/ Mr. Friendly Daily store is opened at the first Floor of Tokyo branch SP. Building.
○ Feb. 1994
Capital is increased to 20million Yen
○ May 1994
Osaka office is opened at Kita-ku of Osaka City
○ Feb. 1998
The 20th anniversaty of the foundation
○ Apr. 1998
Tokyo branch moved to Sarugaku-Cho Shibuya-ku
○ Apr. 2002
SUPER PLANNING Logistics center set up at Nezumino-Cho
○ Apr. 2003
UPSTAIRS Gallery is opened at second floor of SP. Building
○ May. 2003
Osaka office moved to Nishi-Ku area in Osaka city
Tokyo branch moved to Daikanyama-cho Shibuya-ku
○ Mar. 2004
"MONKEY GALLERY" was opened on the 2nd floor of POPTUNE in Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku.
○ Oct. 2004
ROOTOTE "TOTE AS CANVAS" was awarded a good design prize for 2004 (Goods immediate surrounding people/Production Design Department).

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